Cold snap; breakage

It’s cold here! It was 58 degrees in the house this morning!

It’s not that cold, really, but it’s colder than it usually gets around here. I have a feeling that with global warming the weather around here is becoming more like that of other places. It seems to be both warmer in the summer and colder in the winter than it usually is.

And, on top of everything else, our furnace appears to be broken. It’s a very delicate beast, this furnace. We’ve had it 8 years and this is the second time it’s broken, and this in a pretty mild climate. Hmph. Luckily we have a fireplace/woodstove which can heat the entire house. We don’t have all that much wood. At the moment we are working our way through our neighbor Judy’s cedar tree. It died last year of the creeping oak sickness.

In other news, our car of 23 years is also broken. Hard to be too broken up about that, though, since it served us well for 23 years.

Also, Kevin’s smoothy blender broke.

I took M to the airport yesterday, and she had made her way by various means of transportation to her dorm room. She still misses us, but I caught her yesterday referring to school as home, as in, “I’ll leave this Claritin here, because I have two bottles at home.”

I guess we should count this as success.

But what shall I do with my newfound freedom? I could always take down the Christmas tree. I certainly should do that — maybe I will.

I could also pull the onions out of the lawn. Or go for a walk — that’s what I probably should do.

On the other hand, sitting on the couch rereading all the Moomin books sounds pretty appealing.

They are very odd for children’s books — I’m thinking of the characters of Moominpappa and Moominmamma in particular.

Got to go get more wood —


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