So —


An old picture, from Massachusetts.

In any case. I am lying low here. This is what January is like, right? It’s cold. Things are new. You just go about your business, which feels a little unfamiliar after the holidays.

I have a new computer at work, on top of all the other new things.

I’m also hungry, which I can attribute to the fact that I did not eat lunch.

I’ll go up to the cafe. All of its offerings seem singularly uninteresting.

What I would really like would be a slice of toast, nicely buttered — from a pain au levain. We have some nice honey at home, but a poached egg would also be good.

Suddenly, I am ravenous.

We are nearly through the cedar wood from my neighbor’s tree, so on the way home I’m going to have to stop at the grocery store to buy wood.

That’s another thing I need to do — call the wood people and get them to deliver some wood.

There are comforts out here on the frontier, and pain au levain and firewood delivery are among them.

This is a good thing —


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