More of the same

The picture I would post, were I organized enough to get it off my phone and into my flickr account, would be a picture of my fireplace glowing at night.

Oh bother, here it is:


Hearty pioneers that we are, we sat in front of the fire last night and ate a rather delicious dinner of grilled gruyere cheese on pain au levain, with butternut soup (from the grocery store) and salad (with bottled dressing). Snow Day winter ale to drink and Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies for desert.

It’s already warming up, though, and the furnace man is coming back tomorrow, so these days are numbered.

It has been fun, though.

3 thoughts on “More of the same

  1. We’re having a cold snap too, preceded by an hysterical set of forecasts, predicting all manner of calamities for the whole country. I panic bought a bag of coal and we have been toasting our toes in front of it this evening. Our dinner was penne pasta, chicken, avocado, cream sauce, toasted pine nuts and salted lemons.

    • Lucille! I keep trying to comment on your blog, I think without success. Your new house looks beautiful, as does your beach. And congratulations on your son’s wedding!

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