View from the middle of the week



It’s evidence that I went out this weekend.

This was from a park near the nursery. This reminds me that I’ve somehow got to get that grass planted.

Also, it was lovely to be out.

And here is a view from Monday’s walk:


That was from Mount Tamalpais. Often, we’re somewhere and we can see Mount Tam, so it’s funny to actually be on it. There are tons of hikes there, and we really haven’t done any of them. That may be a goal for this year — hike Mount Tam.

Feels good to be out and about again.

And, it turns out that the town at the foot of the mountain is kind of cute, and also has a good hamburger restaurant. This is also part of the goal — to eat a lot of hamburgers, which we will richly deserve.

It is smog you’re seeing there — the cold weather last week caused an inversion layer, which is essentially dirty air trapped, I’m not sure how. Usually it all blows off to the central valley — lucky them.

Also, I can’t figure out how to do this properly, but click on this link, and then choose the slide show, and then look at the second slide.

I am in love with those pants.

Okay. That’s it.


8 thoughts on “View from the middle of the week

  1. well, save a date for Mt. Diablo too, willya?–I mean, I know there’s some serious allure with Mt. Tamalpais, but if you pick a day right after a storm moves through here, Mt. Diablo will provide some awesome views of the snowy Sierra Nevada! 🙂 (maybe a slightly shorter drive too, depending on where you go. Besides it’s way taller than Tam!)

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