Here. In honor of that J Crew woman, I am wearing bright orange tights and a woodsy sweater.


You can see that Lucy wonders what the hell I am doing.

Also, in the picture I’m in M’s room. This picture is quite typical of what M’s room looks like. Blue walls covered with fashion photos and pictures of animals, all tacked up with painters’ tape. A fairy house on the floor. A hair device of some sort on what you can’t see is an orange rocking chair from her babyhood. Portfolios stacked against the wall.

In other nostalgic news, this morning I went to say goodbye one last time to the brown Toyota we bought before N was born. Well, also to get the fastrak toll device out of it. It was a great car, and I am sorry to see it go. Sniff.

I really like this part of January. The holidays are over. It’s nothing but ordinary days for a while, now. Good weather for coming home and eating soup for dinner, knitting a bit and going to bed early. Quite pleasant, actually.

All right — got to go.


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