Ordinary life


There, for Mark — that’s Mount Diablo poking up there, behind the Golden Energy.


It was so still a week ago.


In any case, we’ve made it to the weekend.

There is potato-leek soup waiting for me in the slow cooker, and a driveway full of wood, apparently, which will need to be stacked. It may never get cold again, though, which makes me very sad.

I know — I don’t expect anyone to sympathize.


All right — there are a few more things to do around here, I’m at work, and then I’m going home.

I have to say, ordinary life is not a bad thing.



7 thoughts on “Ordinary life

  1. I do sympathize! It’s been a wee bit too nippy here (15ish), but in general I enjoy the cold. And we have had a disappointing lack of snow. Pleh. Happy weekend!

    • Have not forgotten about the soup — basically it’s one peeled and diced potato per leek, with water or stock to cover. I added celery, too. Put it in the crockpot for, oh, 6 hours and then blend it all up somehow. 4 potatoes plus 4 leeks made about 4 portions.

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