An altogether pleasant weekend.

My friend B wanted to go on a hawk thing, but it was full, so instead we went to a local park full of redwoods and walked around. Along the way we saw a bunch of ladybugs. They do this in the winter — ah — here’s the explanation, and that’s exactly where I was, as you can see!


They were more impressive in person, because they were everywhere, but they’re small, so not so visible in photographs.

I also stacked a quarter cord of wood, put away the rest of the lingering Christmas decorations, went to the grocery store, went out to dinner on Saturday with B, whose husband was out of town, watched a lot of River Cottage, which somehow made the grocery buying and also the rather extensive (and crippling) weed-pulling on Sunday seem much more adventurous than they normally would have. I pretended I was a small-holder growing and eating local produce. Well, honestly, I really do. I fertilized my three cabbage plants and four broccoli plants and weeded the rose bed and gave it more compost and pulled about a billion wild onions out of my native meadow.

I know I’ll get no sympathy, but it does seem unfair that a person should have to be weeding in January. It seems to me that in January a person should be safely ensconced on the couch with some knitting or a book.


Speaking of January activities, I think I have convinced B that we should go skiing next weekend while the Superbowl is on. Time to go visit the snow while it’s there . . .

8 thoughts on “Ladybugs

  1. I agree that weeding in January seems unfair. But given that I had to walk up the subway stairs and home in treacherous freezing rain, I think I’d be okay with weeding.

  2. I can see your mind works the same way as mine for “Stupidbowl Sunday,” as the slopes are a little less crowded while the game is on. Maybe the garden workout will work your legs up for skiing!

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