I’m involved in this thing at work, and it involves creating a website, which of course means coming up with some kind of imagine, right?


It’s a thing about assessment, which to me means statistics and counting, and then creating some kind of meaningful pattern out of all those numbers, so it should be an image that has some kind of pattern, right?


Even if it’s a totally random one.

Here’s a kind of cool flickr group. Some of the pictures are not so great, but some are perfect.


As I walked home last night, in the dark, looking at how windows created patterns of light through which you could see people going about their daily life, or often just people’s things showing through the patterns of light, it struck me that it’s very pleasant, and probably very human, to want to take nature and either shape it into patterns, or at least understand it by thinking of it in meaningful patterns, and that a picture of some sort of pattern would really be a perfect metaphor for the idea of assessment.


Also, I think all this blogging has strangely given me a better sense for visual images, or at least more of an interest in them.


I have a lot of pictures of patterns.


Now to convince the rest of the committee . . .



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