Wintry mix


Another wintry picture from southern Massachusetts . . .

Around here I’ve been weeding and planting in our tiny meadow. I looked down on it from our bedroom the other morning and was surprised by how meadow-like it looked. That’s a good thing.

In other news, I went cross country skiing yesterday. It really is fun. The snow was icy, so downhill was fast and it’s really hard to snowplow down a forest path for very long. I think I have to go back and just practice going downhill over and over. The older I get, the less fun that is.

Otherwise it was lovely — to be outside in the woods all day on a beautiful day. What could be better?


2 thoughts on “Wintry mix

    • I confess I like the flat and uphill parts a lot better than the downhill parts — the older I get the more fragile I feel. Maybe snowshoeing? That seems possibly safer, if also a lot more work —

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