This is snow from Sweden! From December 2009, to be exact, although it feels much farther away than that. N and I took an overnight ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm, and I think that’s what we saw as we came in in the morning. There were many many lovely islands, all covered in snow and dotted with little red cottages.

Okay, I think it may be time for lunch.

I am reading Sweet Tooth, which I am liking a lot, so far.

I woke up this morning still sore from my woodsman activities of the weekend. Did you know there’s a sort called Woodsman? Featuring events called splitting, chainsaw and logrolling? One school N looked at (also in Maine) had a team — I tried to tell her it would be great, but she was not swayed. My god, I’ll bet she would have had to buy that great jacket I’ve been coveting.


That’s the news around here —


2 thoughts on “Sweden!

    • Sweden was lovely, although we weren’t there very long. We were only in Stockholm, which had an amazing museum, but the suffered by comparison to Helsinki and Tallinn because it was pretty expensive and they had nicer Christmas markets. I would go back, though.

      Now that you have a connection, though, you should go!

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