What I am holding there is a cup of glögg, nectar of the gods. In Finnish, glögi.

Also, my hair is that long again — how does this happen?

And I have the very same glasses! Wow, it really is time for a new pair. That was three years ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am a fan, myself, perhaps because I like chocolate and red is my favorite color, and, probably, because I am not living unhappily alone in a garret. Unhappily being the important word there.

Here is an important Valentine’s Day memory. In first grade, in Illinois, we were given construction paper and scissors and told to make valentines — probably for our mothers. This was a good school, actually — boys and girls learned sewing, cooking, art and wood shop. The school was a nice, kind of prairie style brick building, K-8, named for an important American jurist, with an amazing shop and kitchen up on the second floor. I had no idea how rare a thing that was. In any case, though, our teacher, a nice but elderly woman, was supervising our valentine making, and she told us quite firmly that red and orange did not go together. I remember being interested to learn that there were actually rules about these things, and also not entirely sure that she was right. I have always thought that a bit of orange kind of spices up the almost-too-sickly-sweet red/pink combo she seemed to be advocating. Another combo I’m not so sure about is black/red/vibrant pink, with the pink and red being sort of patterned. I think there was fabric like that around when I was little, and I liked it, but it kind of repelled me.

Anyway, today, in honor of the day, I am wearing a pink sweater and an orange hair tie. That’s just the kind of rebel I am.


5 thoughts on “Helsinki

  1. Sometimes I see red heads wearing red or pink and think, back in the day, the just wasn’t done. I don’t love pink or orange, but I rather like them together.

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