I’m going to a retirement thingy today, although retirement is but a far-distant dream.

Apparently the first part is going to be about imagining your new life. I think I can imagine it pretty well, actually. I’d like to imagine it a little closer.

The second part is about social security and is supposed to be helpful.

Wasn’t that amazing abut that meteor?

When I retire, I’m going to Chelyabinsk.

5 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. We used to think that when we could retire, we’d go to Charleston, SC. The last time we went, though, there was some talk about whether we could deal with the racism. Not that it doesn’t exist everywhere, to some extent, but maybe you get used to the prevalent kind in your area. (My first taste of this was moving to RI and hearing talk about “the Portugee” like in the movie Mystic Pizza.)

  2. N liked Charleston when she was there last spring. I’ve never been. Mostly, I think retirement is so far away I have no idea where we’ll end up. Staying here makes sense, in that we have a house and know people. I do miss the east coast, but moving would be hard. I think it also depends on where the kids end up — if they both move to Alaska, we might want to too. Honestly, it’s too far away to know. However, if you are not going to live where your kids do, or if they both live in different places, I do think living someplace they would like to come visit (if applicable, with grandchildren) makes a lot of sense. It’s easy to spend time at my mother’s since she lives on the water. We spent summers at my grandmother’s lake cottage in Minnesota. You do have that lakeside lot!

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