I have a new dress. It’s dark blue, with snaps and no buttons, and it sort of seems like an Amish dress except that it is too short and also too fitted. I realize it reminds me of those dresses people were wearing — remember that fad where people would wear one dress every day all year long but with shirts under and sweaters over and blah blah blah and then post photos of how they wore it every day? It was supposed to be a nonconsumerist exercise.

Anyway, it’s kind of like that, except I bought it, of course. Not being Amish, or particularly good at sewing.


I think it might be just the thing to wear to my brother’s wedding in May. I mean that, actually. It’s pretty simple and tailored, and the dark color is slimming. I could wear pearls. I’m not just saying this in opposition to his fiance, who has been pinteresting hairstyles and topiaries and bridesmaids’ dresses since the engagement.

Having told you that much, I need to go further and tell you that she’s very nice and I like her a lot. I’m not interested in wedding topiaries, but it’s fine that she is.

Also, it has pockets.


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