San Bruno Mountain


I went on an amazing hike yesterday at San Bruno Mountain.


It was so beautiful. There were tons of wildflowers. I took terrible pictures of all of them — I realize most California wildflowers are pretty unimpressive. They’re often sort of tiny. These are pretty — they’re checker-bloom.


And here is the amazing checker lily — this was very exciting. I had never seen one before.


And here is the very rare Coast rock cress.


And here are checker bloom and poppies.


You see what I mean, right? You’d need an actual camera to take very impressive pictures of them, but they are really pretty in the wild.

The views, though, were incredible.



Diebenkorn, right?


or Thiebaud?



2 thoughts on “San Bruno Mountain

  1. I haven’t got a bento box but we can look at the Snake’s Head Fritillary together. I have some in the garden. Not in flower yet but I remain hopeful that we will have a spring and summer.

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