This is Lucy. She is happy because it’s been cold, and we’ve put a wooly blanket on the bed.

I’ve cropped this picture to remove some undergarments, which were drying on the door handle. I’ve also removed my pine dresser, the low sloping ceiling, and even the canoes on the blanket — although if you know what you’re looking for you can see part of a moose with green antlers and a maple leaf or two.

I like our room. It’s the old sleeping porch. An Ikea curtain is covering up the glass door that is certainly not original.

Once we’ve got some money I’m going to rip out all the old bad windows and put in new ones that actually open. I want to rip the wall board off, too, because there are shingles underneath it, and find a better door.

It will be a beautiful room then, but it’s already pretty nice. Even without as many windows as it should have it’s a cozy place to sleep in the rain, and you can hear all the birds singing in the morning.


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