Don’t tread on me


Look! It’s a tiny rattle snake! I was walking with the former houseguest. She noticed it. We stared at it for a while wondering if it was actually alive. Then it flicked its tongue, and as she walked behind it, it coiled up quickly as if to strike. How dear!

Went for a hike again yesterday on Mount Diablo. Equal parts hot, steep, terrifying, cool, amazing and lovely.

Some wildflowers:




(red larkspur!)


An interesting geological feature:


A view: (that white stuff in the near distance is clematis)


And a view of where I was last weekend — (on top of that steep thing)


It really is so steep and horrible to get up, and really getting down is almost worse than getting up, but no sooner do I get down than I want to go up again.

Maybe next weekend — maybe I’ll get to the very top of the highest peak.


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