A Good Weekend

I’ve really been enjoying the unexpected rains. It rained again last night, and this morning everything is lush and green.

It was a good weekend. I talked to my mother on Saturday. I’ll go visit her (she’s in Arizona for the winter, with my grandmother) next weekend. The plan is to redo my grandmother’s genealogical scrapbook. The current three-ring binder is apparently falling apart. My grandmother is quite attached to this material, although from what I remember it’s kind of a mess. She is the descendant of Scottish people who moved to Canada after the (American) War of Independence. They then came through Michigan cutting down trees and ended up in Idaho and Vancouver.

We also discussed plans for my younger brother’s upcoming wedding. The entire family will be there, except M, who has finals. I helped my mother send out the evite for the rehearsal dinner. Go ahead and imagine what that was like — I’ll give you a hint. It was complicated, and there may have been some miscommunication along the way. I think it turned out all right, though. In an act of subversion, K and I made reservations to stay at a B and B with my brother and his boyfriend. Suddenly, the whole thing feels more like a vacation.

I went to the native plant nursery.

I ran into our neighbors, whom we haven’t seen since January. It really does feel like everyone has been holed up since the winter and is only now coming out of hibernation.

I went for a 6 mile hike with a hiking group, which was really fun. We met at 9:30, hiked until 12:30, went pretty fast on a challenging hike through fields of buttercups. The people were nice. Pretty amazing. I’ll do it again — it’s actually nice to go on a hike that someone else has planned out.

Friends came over for dinner!

Winter is over, and spring is here, and it’s time to be doing stuff and seeing people again.


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