Short week


M is just learning to drive. I realize this is late (she’s older than 16), but she’s not the only one. A lot of her friends, and her sister’s friends, and children of friends of mine, don’t drive. I think it’s where we live — you can get around pretty well without driving. It’s not like where I grew up, where you were trapped at home if you didn’t drive, and it often wasn’t easy for friends to come and pick you up, since they may have lived far away.


We’ve also been speculating that more online communication and texting makes it less tragic to hang out at home. That’s probably more true for some than for others. But we also live in walking distance of downtown. It’s interesting, because I like that a lot, although I think I would also like living out in the woods. But would I really? Something to consider.


Anyway, the reason I mention is that we’ve been driving around some amazing, unpopulated places, like this old naval base which is full of huge warehouses and parking lots, right on the water.


Or also, out on country roads, but I have no pictures of that.

She did a good job of avoiding the bicyclists and a roller skater.


I think it helps that the places she’s practicing are pretty uniformly beautiful.


To us, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Short week

  1. That looks like a much more fun place to learn how to drive than where I learned. I’d be worried about gawking at the view for so long that I’d end up driving into the water.

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