Friday fishwrap

So —

My phone, which is my camera, is not cooperating, and I cannot show you any pictures, and I’m quite sad about that.

But here’s what’s going on:

  • We went to the Exploratorium last night and it was so much fun. It stays open til 11. We went for dinner (the food is quite good). Actually, our new movie club met — it was a quite successful meeting. After dinner and our discussion, we played with the exhibits and went outside and watched the Bay Lights come on. It was a warm night and just so lovely. The museum has just moved, and reopened. The new space is gorgeous — right on pier 15 on the Embarcadero in a lovely old warehouse made over for them. My friend A was responsible for moving the exhibits, and her husband A for a lot of the exhibit design, so they are very pleased, and rightly so. Really — it’s so beautiful. The exhibits are so much fun — it’s all hands on science stuff that is very fun to watch, or to play with.
  • All of us in my office are now standing up at our desks, convinced as we are that it is Death to do otherwise. I’ve got my keyboard balanced on an atlas and a ream of paper. It is more tiring, but it actually feels pretty good. You definitely move around a lot more, which is good, according to this article, among others. It does make it difficult to do boring things, though, since it’s hard to maintain the zombie-like state required for that.
  • M and I have been watching Vice youtubes. We particularly like the ones about North Korea. We have no plans to go there at all. One of them, though, was filmed at a lumber camp in Siberia, and the scenery was very much like the scenery in the Long Way Round. I think I might like to go there.
  • M’s pochade box arrived, and paints have been purchased.
  • I think that may be all. (And god, I need to sit down!)

One thought on “Friday fishwrap

  1. I think it would be adding injury to insult, sarcasm, and other verbal modes for me to try doing anything with the rest of my body while working at a desk.

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