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Bear Valley to Arch Rock and back, via Mt Wittenberg. 11.4 miles, or 13, or 14.5 — according to who you talk to. Felt fine until the last two miles when massive blisters sprouted on everyone’s feet. This is the fly in the ointment — who do you do to avoid blisters? This time I think it was the superfeet inserts I use to avoid getting plantar faschiitis rubbin on the inside of my heel. I guess I try moleskin next time, but you know a blister will just appear somewhere else.

Also, M is suddenly much braver than I am. We had to climb through the arch to get to the beach, which didn’t bother her at all. Hmm.

K came to join us for the ritual post-hike hamburger.


3 thoughts on “and more . . .

  1. He’s not required to attend the hike and get blisters too? Poor boy works too much?! Great hike, I bet and if you carry some 2nd Skin, maybe the blisters won’t be so bothersome next time.

      • Well, blisters suck, so almost anything is better than that! It’s usually after-the-fact that I remember to use it, but it does work in advance too–a puzzle to try to figure out where you’ll get the rubbing before the blisters happen! Happy hiking!

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