From the other coast


(Popham Beach, Maine. Where I am not.)


Not much to say, actually.

This standing up business is tiring.

This kale salad is unbelievably delicious. Even M, not a fan of leaves, sneaked a second helping.

It’s cold here.

I read Abide With Me, which was wonderful. Elizabeth Strout. I think she’s on my list of top ten living writers. AWM is kind of Olive Kitteridge-like (it precedes OK) in the multiplicity of perspectives, and in how you get to know a lot of people just enough to sense that there’s more of a story there, too — Really wonderful.

It’s lovely having M home. We’ve been watching Longmire. It’s funny how we saw the preview and both realized it was the perfect show for us. Why? Scenery, I guess, and detective story with gruff but big-hearted hero alone against society, but with a lot of friends. The Indian sidekick doesn’t hurt. The moral code. Heh.

I am wearing my new linen pants, and while I weight exactly the same, the fit seems a little looser. Perhaps I am just being made denser by all this standing.

I’ve also been reading books about hiking by women over 50, like this one. Who knows? Perhaps reading these books is making me denser as well.


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