What is M up to?

Well, the short answer is that we don’t really know.

We’ve heard that she’s remembering how to paint with oil paints, and that painting outside is hard.

We’ve heard that the instructors and the people who know what they’re doing are really helpful.

We’ve heard that a substantial proportion of the people in her group speak Chinese, so she spends her days hearing English, Italian and Chinese. We’ve also heard that her roommate believes in closing the windows very thoroughly when they leave the apartment. And they went to the market and bought bread, cheese, prociutto and little purple artichokes and a watermelon.

And that’s about where our information stops — I think this is probably a good think, although I would like to hear more, or to see a picture. I would really like to see a picture!

Anyway. More information as I receive it . . .


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