July, now


Phew! It’s already July!

Where to begin, even —


Went for a walk last weekend to Hill 88. What an amazing place! It’s on the ocean, and you climb up the ridge to the summit, where there are a bunch of abandoned military buildings. I believe they held big guns in World War II, aimed across the Pacific in case the Japanese came. Now they’re just creepy, empty, concrete buildings, some of them with amazing views. (K and our friend A admired this building immensely.)

So that was fun.


M has been to Venice, and seen the biennale, which I think she liked a lot. She seems to be having a good time — all of her roommates are Chinese, so she says she’s learning Chinese and Italian. The painting is getting easier. I think this is the first unscheduled weekend, and they’ve taken a train to Milan. This all sounds very good.

nora saddleback

Nora has become a mountain climber. She’s climbing Katahdin this weekend. She went down to my mother’s house for the 4th and spent a lot of time in the water —


And I’ve been making jam, among other things.


I think we’re all just busy, actually. It’s good — It’s good to be busy.

Feels like summer —


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