The Gym

I signed up for an after 50 fitness class. I’ve been twice, now, and it’s really fun!

It meets at 8, t-th, in the Auxiliary Weight Room. It really is like I’ve joined a secret society. The gym itself is like that early in the morning — all kinds of people awake and out of their houses and following the gym protocol — walking down the winding halls with intent. But the class is even moreso. It’s a little club, and they all know each other, and a lot of them are retired librarians! That is where they’ve gone! (It seems like the class has been going on for a while, and another woman and I are just the latest recruits. I’m so pleased to be a lot stronger than her — although she is probably 15 years older than me, so perhaps I should not be so proud. She’s more flexible, though.)

Anywhere, they are all very kind and encouraging, and there’s a guy who showed us how to use all the equipment and how much weight to lift.

It’s quite fun, although I am feeling a bit exhausted this morning.

I kind of can’t wait to go back.


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