I am back from Seattle.


Seattle was great. I’ve got some good pictures. It is beautiful, not that I got out much. I had nice meals out with friends I only see at conferences. The conference was good — for the most part our meetings were productive and our sessions well-attended. We’d asked a guy to speak without knowing much more about him than that he was local and writes an interesting column. Some of us had dinner with him the night before, and he turned out to be just a lovely, nice, funny guy. And then his speech was amazing — even very cynical people I know enjoyed it.

So that was good.

I like the Pacific Northwest. For one thing, Seattle is very far north — about on the same latitude as Bismark, and well above even Maine, and even Quebec. I think it really does remind me of North Dakota in that respect — the very long summer days and the beautiful light. It is almost possible I could live there . . .

In any case — the conference went well, and I am glad it went well and is over, because now I have about 50 billion other things to worry about.


(Dahlia’s from the farmer’s market. Radiant.)


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