So, we had a meeting about our kayaking trip last night and, judging from all the gear we had to pack it’s going to be intense. I mean, we’re just going for a few hours — not a week. I’m the sort of kayaker who likes to go in my bathing suit and a life preserver and a hat. Is a wet suit really necessary? A spray skirt? Maybe so, and it’s probably good to know all that crap.

Really, I should know all that crap and then it would be possible to go kayaking around here all the time.

I keep thinking of M. We are going kayaking with the organization that hosted her favorite camps when she was little. Our meeting last night took place down at the marina with all the little dinghies she and N used to sail in every summer. They also took rock-climbing, and M took kayaking, although I don’t think N ever did. M was the one who always had to go out and rescue N and the cousins when they’d taken the kayaks out at my mother’s house and swamped them. She was the one who could do tricky maneuvers like rolling over like an eskimo, and getting back into a kayak from the water. M was also the one who would never play a team sport of any kind. I found a picture just the other day of her, age probably 8, sitting on the dock with N and a cousin with the water sparkling behind them. M is wearing a blue two-piece bathing suit which reveals a deep tan and a surprisingly muscular stomach.

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