Tomales Bay

tomales bay

So we went kayaking over the weekend.

It was kind of fun — looking back on it, I’m glad I did it.

At the time, though, it felt kind of like a death march. Part of the problem was all the gear you have to wear — wet suits and spray jackets and spray skirts. I’m used to kayaking at my mother’s, where you put on your bathing suit and some shorts and that’s it. And the kayaks are stubby and pretty stable, and it wouldn’t matter if you fell in anyway, since the water is warm. I’m wondering if it’s not possible to have some of that feeling out here. We saw people going across the bay on paddle boards (one with a dog!), which makes me think it might be possible — as long as you don’t fall in and then freeze to death.

The other thing is that we went a long way — all the way from Heart’s Desire Beach to Hog Island, which seems to be about 5 miles if you go straight, which of course we did not do. So we probably kayaked at least 11 miles, if not 12. That seems pretty far to me.

We say jellyfish and pelicans (white and brown) and seals and cormorants and sea anenomes.


It felt a lot like the lake from Swallows and Amazons. It’s long and narrow. You can actually camp along the western shore. It would be fun to camp there, and then spend another day heading out to look at the island — to spend some time poking in and out of the little coves. We were lucky in that it was pretty flat — I’m not sure how fun it would be if it weren’t flat. It would probably be fun to poke around with a little sailboat, too.

On that pretty inadequate map above, we went from right about the s in Inverness to around where the bay widens out some distance about the T in Tomales. Pretty far, right?

Anyway. We kayaked on Saturday, and I spent much of Sunday recovering on the couch. But I’m glad we did it. I just wonder if there isn’t a way of going less encumbered by gear. Maybe I would be happier in a less confining kayak. I don’t know — I’ll have to investigate.

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