Italy — the recap


So, we are back, and because it’s pretty far away, and also because of the somewhat less than direct trip back, I’m still a little out of it, but it was wonderful.

And more immediately, M is home with us, and that is wonderful, too.

(Did you know that the guy who wrote Pinocchio was from Florence, by the way?)


So, we (K and I, N, my mother, and my brother D) started out in the country, where we stayed at an agriturismo and visited nearby towns. This is from the garden of the Etruscan Museum in Volterra. (My mother is oddly fascinated with the Etruscans. I believe she feels they have been Overlooked by History.)


We had many fine adventures, saw many things, ate many things, before returning to Florence. Sadly, my photographic record is somewhat incomplete — my mother has a great picture of M in front of her paintings — but we met up with M there, went to her show, and met a few of her friends. She looked happy and we were happy to see her, and her paintings are lovely.

Then we hung around Florence for 3 or 4 days, going off in different configurations to do different things. There were so many things to do that it’s impossible, which is kind of a relief. No need to kill yourself trying, and also a great excuse to come back. Would it be nice to come back and spend a month or so, luxuriously discovering all kinds of things? I think maybe so. Some people climbed the dome. We all went to the Uffizi. Some of us saw Michelangelo’s David, which came with a surprisingly interesting exhibit of old manuscripts about the history of Florence which I really loved.


It was also an exploration of museum science — from the dusty old Etruscan Museum with rooms full of cinerary urns (which would be really interesting to someone who knew a lot about the subject) to the Galileo Museum, which let you plot planetary orbits by yourself.


The girls hung out together, which always makes me happy.

We visited bookstores. M is considering a career in cover illustration.


Lots of things, like the store where they mix paint for you, were closed — another reason to go back.

And we ate. A lot. All delicious.

This is N, reading M the Communist Manifesto aloud to M. (She is on a serious course of self-study.)


It always feels, living where we do, that we’re pretty far from everything. All you have to do, though, is get on a plane, and you realize that it’s just a matter of time. We’re not really so far —

We’ll be back.



6 thoughts on “Italy — the recap

  1. That was a total blast. Thank you. I think I love your mother. She and my mother could have long conversations, I think. And I want to go back to Florence (it has been 25 years!).

    We went to Iowa and Wisconsin. Which was fun, too, but in a slightly different way.

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