well, then


So, I think this is the first Saturday in a billion years that I haven’t been supremely busy. How wonderful!

I woke up. There wasn’t quite enough cream for the coffee, but we made do. 

I started looking at knitting patterns. I think the weather, or really, the light, has changed, and it now feels like fall. In any case, I am starting to feel ready to knit again, which is a sure indicator that fall is nearly here.

I haven’t really recovered from being away earlier this week, plus helping M pack up over the weekend, plus our last-minute excursions.

I packed up 4 boxes and took them to the post office, using the handy machine to get them all mailed. One to N, one to M, a tea towel from the Palace of the Legion of Honor’s Impressionist exhibit for my mother, and another package to a friend. There’s a protest at our lovely downtown post office because the USPS wants to sell the building. It seems very wrong, somehow, to sell a lovely old building with its WPA murals and wooden pews, conveniently situated in the middle of downtown. They say they’d rent another downtown site, but I can’t see where.  I can’t help feeling that its another sign of the demise of our civil society that we’re getting rid of the post office and public education and trains. This is why I’m going to have to move to Denmark.


But I really wasn’t worrying about that today. On my way home I returned a book to the library. I bought cream for tomorrow.  I checked out an armchair at the furniture store. I’m thinking about new furniture. (I am always thinking about new furniture, and I never do anything about it. Although I’d better, because we’re having an event here in October and our furniture is very very bad.)

N sent me a picture of her friend P lying on the beach. N is leaving Maine in 2 weeks or so, and I think she’s going to miss it. 

I sent M a text, asking if she’d received some things I’d ordered for her. (She has not. They are possibly at the bookstore.)

Now I am lounging about. I should do so many things, and perhaps I will, tomorrow. Though A has invited us for dinner, and I could make brownies. Maybe I will —


–in a minute.


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