The light has changed, and suddenly it feels like fall. In California, though, this means it’s going to be hot for two months now. Maybe it’s at the change of the seasons when I most realize how much I miss the seasons I grew up with.

Suddenly I am reading books about archaeology in Maine, and hoping I can entice my friend L to do another section of the AT with me.

In other news, I have solved some of my walking-to-work issues by leaving a pair of work shoes at work! Now I can freely walk in my hideous turquoise sneakers and I don’t need to wear them all day. Genius!

And I think this is the last weekend before N comes home. She hasn’t been home since . . . last summer, maybe? and I am thinking I’d better get the crap that has lodged in her room since then out. A fall cleaning is in order. And a hike. My class at the gym has started up again and I’m feeling quite vigorous.

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