[Spanish-American War, naval ships, San Francisco Bay]
Preferred citation: [Spanish-American War, naval ships, San Francisco Bay], Burr-Allyne Family Papers and Photographs, MSP 717, courtesy, California Historical Society, MSP 717_165.jpg.
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Nice weekend after all — on Saturday, a spontaneous dinner outside (it’s the season) with neighbors who’ve been friends for thirty years or so.

Yesterday, a glorious day. We picked (different) friends up before noon to get to the ball game before 1:00. We drove across the new bridge, had excellent seats to watch the baseball game which the Giants won when the beautiful Angel Pagan came back from being injured all season to drive in a run in the 11th inning.

Meanwhile, in the America’s Cup, Team Oracle finally won a race. We followed it on A1’s phone. We even saw the boat go by, afterward, above the wall of the park. Those things are enormous. A2 and I completed the NYT crossword puzzle. I ate a rather delicious brisket sandwich.

The new bridge, by the way, is completely excellent. It’s low and very flat, and you can see over it across the bay. The tower and its stays are really lovely. I was fond of the old bridge, but the new one is a thousand times nicer. You can walk or ride a bike across, too, and lots of people were out doing just that.

We came home in time to have dinner and go to bed. How lovely.

Oh, and apparently, at the cove by the ball park, you can rent little sailboats. I’m going to investigate — they’re little, just big enough for two, and they look like a lot of fun. Apparently, you can rent them at a cafe, although I’m not sure I believe that.


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