Rowing upstream

Sydney Rowing Club Fours training on the Parramatta River, Sydney
Object number ANMS1288[009]

Went to the gym this morning. Oh why do I ever not go to the gym! I always feel 440% better after I do.

[Because to go to the gym means I can’t lie in bed and then read a book at breakfast, that’s why.]

Stopped for a rosemary pine nut scone between gym and work, too. You may think that sounds a bit odd, but let me tell you it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.

Plans to go see the America’s Cup races today fell through. Surely we will go on Saturday . . .

Also, the decision to leave a pair of black clogs at work was a work of genius. Now I wear sneakers to walk in and I have grown up shoes at work! I believe I may not be the first person ever to think of this.

All right — back to work.

Edited to add — Not looking good at all for Oracle Team USA. Okay, I know Larry Ellison is horrible, but it was such a good idea to have the races in SF Bay where you can see them, and I also feel bad for poor old Jimmy Spithill. “You can be a rooster one day and a feather duster the next, mate.” I guess that’s the truth.


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