Boat races

Camera Roll-2993

Okay, terrible phone pictures (for much better ones just google), but I was there on Saturday.

A and I drove in and walked down to Crissy field. There were a lot of people about — the parking lots were all full, for one thing, and only A’s handicapped tag allowed us to park — but the beach is large enough that it wasn’t crowded. We got there just in time for the start, and had a prime view of the near-capsize. So that was exciting.

Sunday, I stayed home, watched on tv, and tried to organize the books.

I emptied the bookcase by the front door and filled it up again with hiking and knitting books. Emptying the knitting books from the kitchen bookcase meant that all the cookbooks fit there, with the gardening books, and there are none on the floor. That actually is a victory.

However, of course, the pile of books in the kitchen just transformed itself into a pile of books by the front door, i.e. the books that came out of the front door case to make room for the knitting books. I fear I am going to have to go upstairs and work on the fiction bookshelf. Surely I can get rid of some of those to somehow absorb the fiction now in the front door heap. What it comes down to is that I am going to have to get rid of some books. And really, I want to. I don’t want to have so much stuff. It’s just — I got rid of a bunch of Barbara Pym novels long ago and then they all went out of print. So maybe I get rid of things not likely to go out of print? Would it be safe to get rid of Daniel Deronda?

So — but a start has been made, and that’s something.

Camera Roll-2994


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