Camera Roll-2976

This is a little frustrating, since I have all kinds of pictures I would rather post, but the internet is funky at the moment and I’m not able to move things around the way I’d like to. However, these really were some very nice Japanese anenomes, although it’s a pretty bad picture of them. Sorry.

So, in the interim, Oracle did win the boat race, which was pretty exciting.

And N has been home, which has been great. She hasn’t been home since — I don’t even know when, actually. Last Thanksgiving, I guess, which is also her birthday — so nearly a year. It was great to have her here. It’s fun to have someone to cook with, for one thing. She’s fun to be with. Well, I just love her, is the main thing, I guess.

We have been awfully busy, though. An old friend was in town. Having N home meant we also saw lots of people with her. I went to watch hawks migrate. We did lots and lots and lots of last minute shopping for N’s trip. Work has been ridiculously busy —

The big excitement, though, was taking N to the airport this morning. She and her high school friend E are off to South America — a place I really can’t even imagine. I am looking forward to the reports which, ahem, I am sure will be forthcoming.

I will have more later, when I’ve had a bit of sleep. But I’m still here —

See ya.


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