fall planting

A friend of mine is taking three weeks off between jobs. The previous job was very stressful and consuming, and I think there were months where she went to work, came home, ate and went to bed. Now she is celebrating by making extensive plans for home renovation and by completely overhauling her garden.

It’s infectious, actually. Maybe not entirely influenced by her, I scheduled house cleaners and bought a couch. I can’t really even describe how great it is to have a clean house. The house is pleasant to be in, and I can sit in the living room without thinking that I really should be dusting. It’s amazing.

My friend also enticed me to come with her to the local nursery, where I really didn’t plan to buy anything at all. Really, I haven’t been outside at all, not to mention the deer episode. After following her around down two aisles, though, I saw something that I thought I might need. So I got a wagon and completely filled it up.

It seemed completely crazy. I had vague plans for where I thought things might look okay, but I hadn’t gone so far as to dig up beds, as my friend had. I put everything on my shady front porch, where I could admire it as I walked by. And then today, after packing up a bag or two of clothes for the goodwill and looking though a stack of books (I.e. finding a few I hadn’t read yet and remembering why I had wanted to read them), I started to think about where I might want to put things. And then I planted them!

I have at least half left, but as I was walking around I realized I could really make the central bed a lot bigger, and it seems like I got a lot of things that will grow nice and tall, so I can make a little cave of the patio by the fire pit, and that I can solve k’s wet feet compost problem just by moving the compost closer to the back door, and maybe we really can fit a big-leaf maple over in the corner.

Also, it was so pleasant to come back in, after noodling around in the garden, and not have an entire week’s (or month’s, really) worth of housecleaning waiting for me. Just a bit of laundry.


5 thoughts on “fall planting

  1. Love the photos of your front porch area. I finally had a huge swatch of madness bushhogged down to the ground and I’m now thinking it’s the perfect place to create a second vegetable garden next year. Because clearly I’m insane. Gardening is close to madness, isn’t it?

    • Gardening is madness.

      I’m thinking of turning the vegetable area into room for more flowers. I can buy vegetables at the farmer’s market, and what I really like best are flowers. We should live next door to each other, Claudia.

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