The squirrels are acting all, well, squirrelly. They climb up the toyon to get to the rose bush, where I guess they are eating the rosehips.

They make a great deal of noise, and take great offense at my questioning them.


They’re awfully cute, though.


Here’s what’s going on —

Work: Ridiculously busy. Insanely so, which is not all bad.
Gym: Well, suffering the consequences above. But I am walking a lot.
House: The new couch came! It’s lovely.
Life, generally: Well — sad that N is gone. Too busy to do much of anything. Generally okay, though. Holidays — the holidays are looming out there. Just looming, though — not actually present just yet. I will be happy to see M, and sad to not see N, but it’s still a long way off . . .

Okay! So that’s that.


7 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. I won’t be seeing my oldest at Thanksgiving, but we’re still thinking that’s a temporary thing. Sadder for the mom when it’s the first out of the country venture of what could be many.

    • Wait, do you mean me? N has been away for Thanksgiving before. She was in St Petersburg 4 years ago. She’s never been away for Christmas, though. Or do you mean E? She may well be away again, too, no?


      • I guess I meant it is the new way of things, and we have to get used to it. Kind of beats the alternative, which I’m seeing with several of my friends, with the adult child living at home after college.

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