Oh, I am back


(More squirrels from M)


The conference that I have been planning for about a year and a half — really, almost two years — happened. I think it went well. (Here’s a review!). My committee was great in the end — they showed up early and stayed until the end. They noticed things and fixed them. They really pulled together and were great. The place we held it is great — everything works and things run very smoothly. It really all worked very well. And I think the speakers were great. It’s kind of a shot in the dark — you think things will work. You hope you’ve picked good speakers. Actually, thinking it over, I might have moved a few things around 9or maybe not, actually), but as it was I think it worked pretty well. I think we had a good mix of theoretical and practical, big-picture and close study. I think it was a success, and now it’s over. Phew.

I sort of can’t believe it.

I met a bunch of interesting people, too, including some of the speakers and a young librarian from SF with whom I discussed binge tv watching. She recommended Buffy, Breaking Bad and Battlestar Galactica. Ok.

I’m celebrating by sitting on the couch.

It’s a perfect fall day, and I ought to go out for a walk and do some stuff in the garden. So maybe, in a bit, I’ll do that.

6 thoughts on “Oh, I am back

  1. This is so exciting – congratulations! I am assured that Breaking Bad was the cool place to be by people who know so invest your time there. Buffy can wait.

    Love M’s squirrels.

    • The thing is, I kind of think that Breaking Bad will be like the Wire, which I also heard was great and just could not bear to watch because you just know bad things will ultimately happen. But I probably just should. I watched the first two episodes, and the terrible bathtub crashing through the floor scene — in that strangely lovely and pristine old house lived in by the ex-student — seemed like a very bad portent.

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