When N was home, which is now a month ago, she noticed the chrysanthemums. This is a kind of sad batch at the local CVS. There are nicer selections elsewhere. She was pleased to see them. She hadn’t noticed them here before, but they have them in Maine. She noted how they suddenly appear in the fall. “I like them,” she said, and it made me realize that she’s a grown up, now, with whole formative experiences in other places. She’s come to an appreciation of fall chrysanthemums all on her own, somewhere far away.

I am missing her. She’s far away again, having all kinds of experiences, and I realize I am just eager for her to get somewhere and stay put for a while. However, it seems not to be up to me. Sadly.

It really is fall here, now, finally. We’ve had a few fires in the fireplace, and this morning I had to go up to the attic to get some corduroy jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Too cold now for the linen pants which were the only ones I could bear to wear last week.

Wrapping up all the reimbursements and reports and evaluations from the conference. It really is nearly over. (Yay!)


2 thoughts on “Chrysanthemums

  1. I like the dark red chrysanthemums, but I don’t like to see them appear at the Kroger and CVS and all the other stores. Every once in a while I can get one to live through the winter here.

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