I’m getting better. I’m at the point where there’s no point in eating because everything tastes like cardboard. I’ll lose five pounds, which I will promptly regain when I can taste again and realize that I’m starving. I’m also at the point where the membrane separating me from the world is very thin and I’m likely to take the slightest bump as a grave offense. I know this, though, which should help. Maybe.

I’ve been watching Buffy, since when will there be a better opportunity to indulge in hours of television. I don’t absolutely love it. Is it Buffy herself? She is admirable — she’s tough. I think I used to dislike the fact that she was so fashion conscious, but that doesn’t really bother me any more.  The person who told me to watch it said that it was “emotionally honest,” and I guess that’s right — the episode in which nightmares come true, for one.  It was kind of a nice twist that Buffy’s nightmare coming true was what enabled her to defeat the nightmare and thus keep everyone’s nightmare from coming true. Is it the music? The lighting? The strange California high school scene?  Although, to be honest, the high school could mostly be anywhere. And I do like that the library is the center of everything. Is it poor Willow’s eyebrows?


I’m back to work today. I’m thinking about work, too, probably as a consequence of the membrane issue above (not that there were any bumps — just that the outside world seems closer than usual), and also the fact that the conference went so well, and also the fact that, with two kids nearly out of college, I am a bit freer than I was. I don’t have an infinite number of years of work left — might be worth thinking about where I want to get to, eventually, and what I might want to do now to get there . . .

Happy Friday!



6 thoughts on “Recovery!

  1. I’m glad you’re on the mend. I’m never ill either but have just detected a swollen gland in my neck and am ready to feel very sorry for myself. I’ve never watched Buffy. Should I try it?

    • I think you should. I’m not sure you’ll like it – I’m not sure I liked it — but it’s probably worth knowing about. If you do watch it, I’d be interested to know what you thought.

  2. What I like best about Buffy is Anya. And, occasionally, Spike.
    I’m laughing about the high school that could be anywhere–no it couldn’t. Only in CA do students get to spend that much time outside.

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