Excellent weekend. Laundry finished, waffles, walks with friends, dinners out.


  • Dinner out with my brother and his boyfriend during which we made plans for Thanksgiving.
  • Sunday visit from a friend from Vermont. She moved away in 1989 and we are still friends — really friends. How lovely to remember that. And now that we are all a bit freer, there are possibilities, like travel!
  • Dinner out with K and friend at another friend’s restaurant, which appears, after 2 years, to be a success. He seems happy, and that’s great.

Tornados whirled through the midwest, and M was advised to get into a bathtub wearing a bicycle helmet. As she has neither, she contemplated hiding in her shower in her (horse)riding gear. I think she did not. And luckily for us, the tornadoes went elsewhere.

I keep hearing a bunch of nonsense about how no one is majoring in liberal arts subjects anymore. Really? Both of our kids went to liberal arts schools; one majored in Russian and one in Studio Art — I just want to point out that we’re doing our part to save humanity. You’re welcome.


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