Nearing winter


The week after Thanksgiving and the weather has turned. It’s a little colder now, which is lovely.

It was great to have M home for the week, although it was a bit overshadowed by all the work she has to do and worry about her final project. It was awful, actually, because we couldn’t really do anything — because she felt she ought to be studying — but then she spent a great deal of time in a chair reading a non-related book. I think it was fine, in the end. She finished the paper that needed to be finished, and I think somehow came up with a clearer idea of what she was doing for the project, and also got a lot of rest. It may have been that sitting in a chair reading a book was exactly what she needed to be doing.

I still have memories of hauling all my books home on the train over Christmas and not opening them once before I had to go back and take finals and hand in papers. Maybe that’s just the way it is. I am happy her finals are before Christmas, though — it will mean that over Christmas we can actually go out. I’m in favor of that.

I love this time of year. It’s not quite cold enough for me, but it’s at least cold enough to wear a sweater. I love going home in the dark, eating something warm, knitting an inch of two of the sweater I’ve been working on for a year now. I love how the sky gets white — sometimes even here! I love secret plans and the preparation. I think I’m going to take two weeks off this year, and we really don’t have to go anywhere unless we want to. I’d kind of like to go up to Mount Lassen, if I can talk anyone else into going with me. We used to go when the girls were small, and it’s very remote and beautiful.

Anyway. I think I may be happy if we go nowhere. I love this time of year.


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