Seasonal cheer

I’m in a class at the gym called “Strength Training for the Ancient.” I’m ancient enough to qualify for it, and it’s actually a lot of fun. It allows us to use the little weight room twice a week by ourselves, without all those youths about to discourage us and monopolize the weights while they chat each other up. Anyway, after class today we had a little party in the back room of a nearby bookstore. It was surprisingly fun. (One of this interesting things about this class is that a German professor I had 30 years ago is in the class, too. Slower moving, but as cranky as ever.) Anyway, cheered up as I am by endorphins and festive events, I will share with you a number of cheering photos.

This is ice on a local sidewalk! Taken at 7:30 am a few mornings ago:

My seasonally appropriate duvet cover — see, I AM decorating:


I live near a lot of churches and divinity schools, and a local group of monks seems to live in a nearby apartment building — they put up this display every year:

The bookstore! where the party was held:

A book for sale in the bookstore. I fear there will be no good ending for the giant moose, but I do like this cover. I am sorry he appears to be in the process of being shot, yet I kind of love that stripy hat:

It’s part of a series — perhaps M needs them to further her career as a book illustrator?

That’s all — Happy Thursday!


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