Getting festive

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This Saturday our neighborhood held its mostly-annual holiday progressive dinner, whereby 60 people have appetizers in one house, soup in another, the main course in a third and then dessert in another. It’s very fun. It’s slightly hectic. It’s really fun to see what the insides of other people’s houses look like, because even if you kind of know your neighbors, with some exceptions you don’t know them well enough to have been in their houses. Interestingly, there is suddenly a whole tribe of kids under ten. That’s nice!

Anyway, this year we were on for desserts. The house was basically clean (due to the recent hiring of a cleaning service, which seems so incredibly decadent but actually makes life ten thousand times better for just this reason). Friday night and Saturday morning I made a cake and 4 batches of cookies, two of which involved rolling out dough and one of those two being gingerbread which makes about 10 dozen cookies — I am not kidding. At some point I abandoned the cookies to drag the holiday boxes from the attic. My neighbor J came over and helped me drape strands of lights around. K came home with drinks, solved the problem of no lights on the porch and put up a little tree out there, and we were good! We made it to the appetizer house. I recognized the air of total frenzy at the main course house (I like the main course people — it seems they are recently back from Seattle). Everyone, by that point well lubricated, eventually converged on our house. The children, like locusts, swarmed over the dessert table and then disappeared (to another neighbor’s house to watch a movie). The adults moved in to the kitchen, all thirty of them, and refused to budge.

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It was actually pretty fun, and — although I still have not put up our tree (under strict instructions to wait for M) — it’s finally starting to look kind of Christmassy around here, (although we will not speak of the horror which is M’s room where I had to stuff all the crap from the holiday boxes which we’ll have to drag downstairs again to do the tree).

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I am taking today off to recover, though. There’s nothing going on at work, I am totally beat, and I think I have to figure out the stuff that has to be mailed today. At the moment, though, I am immobilized by a warm sweater and lying on the couch. Soon, though, I’m going to get up and do lots of stuff.

Also, by some miracle, it is still reasonably cold here! A seasonal miracle just for me.

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