Last day


Last day of work before Christmas! I’ve brought the car so I can duck out early and run an errand or two. It would help if I could get to the post office, but that also includes wrapping — hmm. Not sure that’s possible.

It’s been a pretty relaxed Christmas season. I have a few things left to buy — probably more than a few, actually. But it’s going to be simple — just the three of us, plus the boyfriend. I think we’ll have to teach him how to play hearts.

Other exciting developments — some friends of ours usually have a party on Christmas eve, which I have deeply resented for years because what I want to be doing Christmas eve is lounging about in my pajamas watching movies, wrapping presents, and maybe having fondue. Not going out. It seems they have come to their senses, though, since they seem to have moved their party to the 23rd. (Also, how on earth do they get ready for Christmas after having 100 people in their house?) In addition, since it will just be us, we can do what we want for dinner on Christmas day. I’m excited about this, too. M wants roast beef (I was thinking frozen pizza), but at least it can be pretty simple, meaning no one has to spend the day in the kitchen. I am completely in favor of that.

Okay — here we go!

4 thoughts on “Last day

  1. Ron sometimes wants to eat non-traditional foods on a holiday when we’re not cooking for others. I don’t really get it. What are holidays for, if not eating the proper holiday foods?

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