I still have nothing to tell you. Well, except for these things —

  • The coworker I brought the cookies for wasn’t in yesterday or this morning. If she doesn’t come soon, we’re going to open the box and eat them and that will be the end of it. I’m actually really hungry for a pink sparkled butter cookie.
  • I’ve been sitting up late the past few weeks knitting my sweater. It’s really nice — I just keep going, and it has a repeating pattern of some interest but not too much interest. I have been watching Midsomer Murders, which may be the perfect thing for the job — it’s interesting enough, but not too interesting. Murder happens, but the main characters are happy and stable. It has certainly cured me of any desire I may have had to go and live in an English village. As the detective pointed out when his wife wanted to move to a cottage in a village, villages are a seething mess of craziness and years of festering unhappiness. You really do get that feeling. I do kind of like the farm machinery, though.
  • I went to the gym this morning. Now everything hurts. I suppose this is a good thing?
  • And now, thank God, it’s time for lunch.

I wish

I wish I had something to tell you, but I really don’t.

I made this butternut quinoa gratin for dinner the other night, and it wasn’t as good as it could have been. I meant to throw in some spinach, but forgot, and I wish I had. It wasn’t terrible, just not insanely delicious, which is what I’d been hoping for.

It’s a co-worker’s birthday and I’ve brought in some very attractive little pink and red sprinkled butter cookies. I’m a little bit excited about eating them.

On Jeanne’s recommendation I’m reading Gone-Away World (which keeps reminding me of a book I vaguely remember called Gone-Away Lake, which might, in fact, be kind of similar.) It took me about 100 pages or so, but I am liking it kind of a lot. I borrowed it as an ebook from the library, which was also pretty exciting. I’m wondering how it’s going to return itself.

Ho hum.

Time of year

Okay, all I really want to do is to go home and finish the sweater I’m knitting, and read the book I’m reading, and maybe bake a cake and then go for a walk. And then make important retirement plans (I am not retiring any time soon).

I did go to the gym this morning and I do feel quite virtuous about that. My friend J and I have a plan to be able to lift twice our weight on the leg press machine. Yeah, it may take some time.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on around here.

I have been sitting up late, working on my sweater, and drinking hot chocolate every night. I recommend it.

Little boat


My friend A finished his boat, and his wife A and I took her out for an inaugural sail.

She’s sweet, isn’t she?

As you can see, there was not a lot of wind, which was fine for the first outing. She has oars, so we rowed out a bit. Eventually a tiny breeze picked up and we sailed around a bit. She’s a lovely boat — perfect for knocking around along the coast. Easy to drag up on a beach for a picnic.

Amazing for January, no?

Dirty air


I think probably as a consequence of the dirty air around here the sunsets have been lovely.

The news around here is — it’s Friday.

I have a rather ambitious plan to get rid of a bunch of stuff this weekend. This would be good, right? Wouldn’t the house feel better if the Christmas boxes were back up in the attic, and the clothes the girls don’t want anymore were sorted out and taken to the goodwill, and maybe we could even get to the point of clearing out the bookshelves and only keeping what we really wanted and maybe there would even be room to unpack the yarn I’ve got boxed up in corners here and there so I could see what I have?

Yes, yes. It would be great.

We’ll see.


Anyway, now it’s time for lunch.


I went to the gym this morning. I mention this because I’m trying out a new system. I get up and go right to the gym and I don’t have any coffee of breakfast before I go. As I suspected, this does make it easier to get to the gym early. And going to the gym is good — we all know that.

Not having coffee, though — I’m finally having some now, and it’s technically lunch time, and I’m not in any pain, but I don’t really feel like I’m alive.

I think the new system may need some adjustments, but if the adjustments include getting up any earlier, I don’t think I’m going to be interested.


Also, it is insanely windy outside. If this persists, I don’t think anyone is going to want to live here any longer. The whole economy will collapse. It’s possible that we should get out now. Just a thought.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!



I went for a walk yesterday. I think I’m moping, which, come to think of it, is probably a normal activity for this time of year. It’s silly — I have time again, and solitude, which, come to think of that, is not the worst thing in the world.

So, as I’m walking, I hear from N. She’s made it to Chile. She can see the Pacific, but where she is it’s not as pretty as it is up here. She’s on her way to Santiago, and from there to Argentina to meet up with her friend E. I send her the picture of the calves above. She tells me she’s seen vicuñas and that they’re funny looking. I look them up later and they’re kind of rare, but she saw a lot from the bus.

Later I hear from M. She lost a lot of pictures in a terrible phone thing. She’s sad, but plowing ahead.

So, I’m not entirely disconnected.

It’s horribly dry, and the air is not good, but the views are still good.




It’s snowing in Ohio. Here, we have no rain at all, just wild winds that rip everything off the porch and redistribute it through the neighborhood. My blue bucket flew away, as did one gardening glove, and I don’t think I’ll ever see them again.

I think this is January, though — to feel happy that the holidays are over, and that things have returned to normal, and simultaneously bored out of my skull.

Time to try new things, I think —

I’ll report back.