Just like there are is a week before Christmas when it is completely impossible to get anything not Christmas related done, there seems to be a week after New Years (oh, who am I kidding — a week and a half) when I’m too stunned by the holidays to do anything, either. It doesn’t help that M is still home, and I’d really rather just hang out with her, especially since once she leaves I won’t see her until May.

So, I’m at work today and I’m staying home for the next two days. We’ve got jeans to buy and museum exhibits to catch up on.

It’s good to just admit when you’ve been conquered, I think.

Next week — next week I will be in very good shape.

(Picture taken at the ballet from our seats at the very top of the very top of the balcony.)


One thought on “Trying

  1. I just wrote a blog post that said essentially the same thing–that I was conquered by still having both young adults at home. Eleanor has another week after Kenyon starts, which is making preparing for my Monday class that much harder to make myself do.

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