All right then

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M left yesterday and it finally feels like the holidays are over.

I’m sitting in the red chair. There is football on the television. I am looking at the tree, which should probably come down now. That seems like an awful lot of work. To be honest, it seems like there’s an awful lot of work everywhere I look. Also, my head hurts.

I think I will just read the paper and then . . .

I’m in the kitchen, now. Hiding from the football game.

M and I went to the David Hockney exhibit at the deYoung on Thursday. I’d seen it before, but it’s always fun going with M, who has interesting things to say.  There was a collection of about 30 watercolors of landscapes that were so fun to look at. M pooh-poohed the ipad drawings, and it’s true that they were pretty flat up close, but they looked good from far away. I still think one of the best thing about the exhibit is that it is more a collection of “what I’ve been working on and thinking about” than anything else. Lots of landscapes, first in watercolor, then oil, then ipad, then charcoal. Portraits — watercolor, then some adobe thing, then acrylic. It felt like an insight into how an artist works, and how he goes about mulling things over in his head.  Anyway, it was fun.

I’ve been reading A travelers guide to medieval England (or something like that). One detail that stays with me is how quiet the author says the medieval world was. I’m sure that is true, and then it strikes me how noisy our world is. I can hear the football game, and the dishwasher and the click of the keyboard right now.  According to the author, medieval people could distinguish birds and even the barks of dogs — and I’m sure they could. It makes me want to go in search of quiet places. I walked yesterday and heard an owl (and faraway traffic, and a helicopter) and saw some quail.

All right. Time to get a move on. We’re having dinner with the wife and child (well, 25 year old child) of an old friend tonight, which will be fun. But it would be good to get a few things done before that happens . . .

All right.


7 thoughts on “All right then

  1. my man Mike Madison has some great commentary on noise (even in rural Calif.!) in his book:

    Title Walking the flatlands : the rural landscape of the lower Sacramento Valley / Mike Madison.
    Author Madison, Mike, 1947-
    Published Berkeley, Calif. : Heyday Books, c2004.

    (there’s a copy near you at ENVI–it’s a pretty quick read if one goes for that non–fiction-y thing from time to time(!)


  2. I really liked the medieval guide book. What got me was less the noise than how they managed to find anything without maps. Traveling would be so very different then.

    • Oh, that was so cool, too! Although it’s still like that here, really — in Ohio for instance, and New England — roads are named by the town they go to. You can imagine that that is probably how people navigated much more recently than the middle ages.

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