Okay, don’t look at the clutter, but isn’t my swift lovely? It and the ball winder were Christmas presents from K and M.

I’m started a project to clear out clutter (I know you can’t tell from the kitchen). I cleared out N’s room. I went through the shelves in the study and found enough room to move my yarn from a heap in the bedroom to a spot in the cabinet. I’m on a mission to make the house more livable, and I’m also starting a new sweater.

Feels good.

4 thoughts on “Swift

  1. It does feel good, well at least to me. I can find what I need amongst all my sewing supplies without entirely deconstructing the room where everything is. I’ll tell you what helped a lot: IKEA storage boxes. They are cardboard, nice to look at and keep everything so tidy. I can’t wait til our IKEA opens later this year because I will get more of them.

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