I may be violating all kinds of strictures on parents and children and the internet by posting this, but here is M’s painting of a lamb shank.

I love it. I think there’s something very cheery about it, which is odd since it’s a piece of meat.

Speaking of food, I made a most delectable salad for dinner last night, with lettuce and pumpkin seeds and carrots and beets and quinoa. It was wonderful, but now it is gone, and heaven knows what we will eat tonight. There is lettuce, and broccoli, and some roasted sweet potatoes and more quinoa. Maybe if I roasted the broccoli? Hmm.

I also made these toffee bars last night. Very tasty, but a bit too salty, I thought. I think I’d like them better with fewer chocolate chips, too — is that heresy?

Also, have you seen the Bletchley Circle? My co-worker kept telling me to watch it, and I finally did, and it was wonderful. Really wonderful, although I do wonder what would have happened if Susan told her husband, even vaguely, what she had done in the war. Would the world have fallen apart? Hmm.


5 thoughts on “Shank

  1. Please help me out, I am begging you. Your link to the toffee bars doesn’t go to the bars, at least not as far as I can tell. It takes me to her blog and the way she writes makes it hard to parse out her recipes from her prose. Can you put in a link for just those bars? Because I love toffee so very much . . .

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