State of things



Okay, so Eldest daughter (N) is in Buenos Aires, and she likes it.

Youngest daughter (M) is in snowy Ohio, working hard on her senior project. I keep getting pictures — of snow and the projects.

Tonight K and I are going to a birding class, which I am quite excited about. I am hoping to finally know what the little birds are that go up and down our trees, often upside down, possibly eating little bugs. Vireos? I wonder. Sort of greenish.

Friday is Valentine’s Day, which means the forecast for chocolate is excellent. Maybe I will stock up just to make sure that’s true. Also, I think, an excellent opportunity to eat out.

I think it may rain again, which would be great. I have a feeling that most of our rain has gone elsewhere, causing all sorts of problems for everyone.

That’s it, then. Got to go.

2 thoughts on “State of things

  1. I remember seeing that butt picture and us thinking that we should take a picture for Freshhell and Joybells. Didn’t know you’d gotten one, though! Clever you.

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